March 2014

Posted on 15th March, 2014

This month sees the launch of my ‘Let’s Talk about Art’. (Please check the courses tab for information of times and location of courses). Preparations are going well and the course will cover building practitioner’s confidence in Art Talk and how good creative education relates to all areas of learning. I am especially looking forward to sharing ‘The true story of all the colours’ by Eva Heller with participants.

Please watch out for pictures of the Ellie Elephant puppet appearing on the ‘My Art Work’ tab. In the meanwhile, I have started work on the ‘Betsy fabulous fairy’ puppet. After initially knitting the body for the puppet I have now decided to discard the first body and start it again, this time in felt.

Betsy fabulous fairy -body   Betsy fabulous fairy -skirt   Betsy fabulous fairy - body


In February I had another fantastic visit to Manchester having a look at Joana Vasconcelos ‘Time Machine’ in the Manchester Art Gallery (MAG). Very inspiring were her monumental sculptures and installations using techniques associated with female labour like crochet and patchwork.

With delight I again observed the inspiring work done by MAG for education in the Clore Art Studio. Children were encouraged to go and explore the Gallery wearing hard hats and explorer belts and investigate sculpture using paper by balancing forms to move between two and three dimensions.

Here in Plymouth don’t miss out on seeing a broad range of approaches to drawing at the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition at the Plymouth College of Art and the Plymouth Art Centre. Also unmissable are the Peter Randall-Page marble sculptures at the Peninsula Art Gallery. Please don’t miss the note on the wall that you are actually allowed to touch the sculptures. Recommended!!!

Lastly many thanks to Chrissy for commenting on my last blog.

This is for you.

                                        Chrissy H.

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Thank you It certainly brings back memories. Coming down to Devon just before Easter but will have 2 little extras. Do you have a space at CoWorkers in Plymouth?