CAE has been established by me, Barbara Schulz-Golder, to provide outstanding creative art education for children as well as adults.

As a trained Fine Art Printmaker, Technology Teacher and Early Years Professional I have gained experience working in a variety of provisions such as nurseries, primary and secondary schools, after-school clubs and further education colleges. This experience is reflected in the training courses and workshops that I am developing. As well as providing creative experiences for children, I also aim to support educators to develop their own understanding of creativity.

Many pedagogies (e.g. Reggio Emilia, Klax and Steiner-Waldorf), the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage acknowledge the importance of the Creative Art Educator in order to promote the creative development of children.

It is the aim of CAE to provide a creative professional artistic stimulus for your setting, thereby fuelling an environment and a confidence that enables children as well as adults to expand their creativity.