Let's Talk about Art

This training session will help  Early Years and Primary Schools Educators to develop their own understanding and gain confidence in talking to children about creative activities. The course will introduce practitioners to Art Talk and provide ideas on how to incorporate art into story time.


This course is also available for in-house training sessions

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Let's explore Colour Theory

This training session will deepen practitioners knowledge of basic colour theory and explore how to plan fun art activities to teach colour theory.

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Art Books for Children

A session to explore a variety of children's art books and how they can be used to enhance children's art education.(A book list will be available).

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Art Projects for Schools

(Key stage one/two)

All project work will be tailored to the National Curriculum. I currently provide sessions referring to the work of Paul Klee.These are based on his themes of either angels, fish or on the puppets which he created for his son, Felix.

I also have a deep understanding of the use of masks in German art and masks as they are used in other world cultures and I am able to provide workshops relating to these. Please don't hesitate to contact me to arrange a programme that is customised for your needs.

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The Effective 'Atelier' (Studio)

An early years consultation and training package to provide practical support to set up a studio space in your setting.

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