Ricky -screenprinted collageJohnny D - drawingAnya Cat – Happyland series

Anya Cat is my most recent work inspired by a (role play) character that one of my daughters created when she was a child. Like the puppets that Paul Klee created for his son Felix, they are meant to be at the border between art and play and expose the dialogue (communication) between adult and child. I am currently working on several other puppets in the series and my blog will keep you updated with their progress.

Anya Cat and Betsy Fabulous Fairy  Anya Cat - Baked Bean paws

Introducing Ellie Elephant and Anya Cat  A.C. and E.E.

Ellie Elephant Ellie Elephant - texture Ellie E.

Anya C, Betsy FF, Ellie E    Betsy Fabulous Fairy

  Betsy FF BFF detail Betsy FF detail


Viktor – Botley’s Park Project

Viktor was created as part of a project I was working on when I studied for my BA in Fine Art at West Surrey College of Art and Design (now University for the Creative Arts). The project was set up by the Deputy Head of Occupational Therapy to provide a stimulating environment for the clients of Botley Park Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey based on the then new concept of ‘Snoezelen’. Snoezelen involved the intensive stimulation of profoundly disabled clients and is now part of everyday practice.

My idea to make a tactile picture (Viktor) came initially after the visit we made to Botley Park Hospital. I wanted to create a figurative picture using objects that the clients could identify and to make it tactile and accessible to visually impaired clients.

Making the picture safe seemed to limit the use of materials to mainly soft fabrics , but some harsher feeling/ experiences could be introduced by using kitchen scourers and plastic.


Viktor - mixed medea collage   Viktor - detail   Viktor - detail   Viktor -detail



Ricky was based on some work I have done with the children in an afterschool club in London. We used some flour bags and boxes to create carnival costumes. I later made a screen print of the costume of one of the boys ‘Ricky’. A limited edition of this image was later reprinted by the Paddington Printshop (now the London Print studio) for a touring exhibition called ‘J'ouvert’. Ricky was later joined by Rupa.                                                                                                                                                  

                 Ricky - mixed media sreenprint            Rupa - mixed media collage




Johnny G.

The ‘Johnny G’ series is inspired by my reflections on how the objects that individuals surround themselves with gives an insight into their personalities. One of these images was used for the poster that promoted my undergraduate show '15 Degrees Under'. Two other images were exhibited in the Windsor Art Centre as part of the Windsor Jazz Festival.


                               Johnny D - drawing


                   Johnny C. - etching   15 degrees under poster - silksceen print



Johnny S. - charcoal drawing   Johnny B. - charcoal drawing   Johnny H. - charcoal drawing



Ruth was one of a serious of images of my mother that I created in different media. The block print of Ruth has been inspired by a fancy dress costume that Ruth made. This print has been published by the Women Artist Slide Library in the ‘International Women’s Art Diary 1993’.


                                    Ruth - blockprint on canvas                        


As I chose Masks in German Art of the Early 20th Century as my research and dissertation topic it was only natural that I constructed some masks myself. As with the ‘Johnny’ series, each mask is made with objects that are specific to an individual.


     Willi E.    Barbara K. - knitted wire   Ruth D. - mixed media